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Loretta Fields, Let it Rain, 2021


Let it Rain

I am US Army Veteran who served many years in a human resource capacity. Most of those years were spent working inside an office environment. I have lived in many states, but after my service during Desert Storm, I developed some medical conditions that required me to live in a warmer climate for healing. I chose Florida. I moved to Florida in 2005 and was impressed by the times it rained and the volume of rain that can accumulate in such a short amount of time. Most of the other states where I lived did not have the same volume of rain that I have seen here in Florida. These states were mostly mountainous with rocks, cliffs, and other types of terrain. Thinking that because of these factors, the state did not suffer from lack of rain. In Florida however, I was impressed that it would rain on one side of a street and not on the other side. Rain is refreshing to me because it represents the beginning of something new and refreshing.

I chose cheerful music for the soundtrack in my video as a way to appreciate the effects of rain and how the rain could be captured during my travel from an appointment in Oldsmar to Temple Terrace, FL. I thought about the volume of water pouring down and if it would be the same as I drove. It was not the same. There was no rain in Temple Terrace when I arrived. But later in the day it did rain and it was coming down at the same volume around my property as it was earlier when I was in Oldsmar.

Today, we hear of climate changes and resources that are needed to help the environment. I am sure that research has been done on the benefits of rain, but I do not have the knowledge to elaborate on such matters. Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy the rain and look at the affects of change and explore new beginnings after the rain. Oh, how refreshing!




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