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Richard Fleischner
Untitled, 1997

Project overview, inside and out.

University of South Florida, Tampa
Formerly at H. Lee Moffitt Research Center


Richard Fleischner’s work for the Moffitt Research Center is based on a painting by the Russian Suprematist painter, Kazimir Malevich. Fleischner utilized Malevich’s painting as a point of departure for his interior linoleum inlay. Working with the existing lobby space and building front, Fleischner’s granite elements continue the pattern of his interior linoleum inlay floor, while the steel element reflects on the window mullions. The exterior Corten steel element establishes a dialogue between the existing architectural structure, and the historic reflection on Malevich’s Suprematist space. This dialogue is reinforced through the use of granite items as supports for the wood, metal and glass stairway designed by the artist for the interior lobby space. The interior furnishings, either chosen or designed by the artist, add continuity to Fleischner’s visual conversation, which is evocative of both 20th Century architecture and art.

New construction in 2006, which significantly altered the lobby location of Fleischner project, required that the artwork be removed. The University and the Moffitt Research Center coordinated the deaccessioning of the artwork with Richard Fleischner.


Exterior view.

Project overview, inside and out.

Atrium view.

Untitled made possible by Florida's Art in State Buildings Program