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Georg Baselitz and Robert Creeley
Intaglio folio of 10 images, a poem in 8 sections, title page and colophon, each page signed and numbered by the artist
Folio: 19 5/8" x 29" open, 20 1/2" x 15" x 1" closed
Edition 60; a-j; AP I/X - X/X




You have never had chance to speak of how
particularly love mattered in your life, nor of the
many ways it so invaded you, chafed, rubbed,
itched, "grew wet with desire," long, soft, hard, etc.
You were observant of cares in such matters, bulks
of person, legs, arms, heads, etc. It's hard to budge
the real if it's not your own. Born very young into a
world already very old... Even spitting it out was often
awkward. Seemingly unseemly, uncertain. Curtain.
Hide it from view, then, until they've all gone.